Overall, I would say that ACE is one of the best college advisors that anyone could use, and I would highly recommend his services to anyone out there. ACE offered me a level of encouragement (in addition to strong guidance) that had transformed the lowly level student that I was freshman year into both one of the top students at my school and a strong leader in my community. I will be attending Cornell University this fall, which is something that I could have never done without the help of ACE.


Before I came to Ace, I was in a program that focused on gearing students to a perfect score. However, my reading comprehension didn’t improve as much as I had liked it to, and the program forced me to memorized countless strategies as if they were vocabulary words. At Ace, I learned to apply strategies properly, and my instructor made sure I was doing it! On my official SAT, I scored 1590 with 790 in Reading & Writing and 800 in math.


I went to Ace because I heard great things from my friend that Ace specializes in reading. Looking back at it, I never realized I didn’t know how to read properly until I came to Ace. It also helped that my tutor knew math as I could always get help on that rare math problem whenever I needed. 


Ace taught me great strategies and all the concepts I needed, but I didn’t get the score i was getting on practice tests. I thought I’d be stuck taking classes weekly or biweekly until my next exam, but Ace recommended that I just take a break from tutoring altogether with a practice test at least once a month. more than money, Ace care about my mental health. I ended up getting 1520 on my official SAT, and I know I couldn’t have done that if I went somewhere else.


I used to take practice test after practice test, obsessing over improving 10 points at a time, but at Ace, I learned to focus on comprehension and knowledge. The score followed, and on my official ACT, I scored a 36 with 36 in every section!


I was frustrated with my reading and science timing for the ACT. My Ace instructor walked me through the proper strategies, and my timing decreased from being 15 minutes over to being 2 minutes under for reading and from being 8 minutes over to being 5 minutes under for science. 


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